Productivity Coaching & Consulting

Unlock Your Full Potential and Achieve YOUR version of Success!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands of your personal and professional life?

Are you a small business owner, content creator, Millennial or Gen Z who struggles to find the time and energy to pursue your goals and passions? Look no further! 

As your Productivity & Time Management Consultant, I am here to guide you on a transformative journey towards maximizing your efficiency, reclaiming your time, and achieving your aspirations.

Life isn't about hustle, to-do lists, or working your life away.

But what exactly is a Productivity & Time Management Consultant, you might ask? Well, imagine having a personal mentor who will help you gain clarity about who you are and what truly matters to you. Together, we will embark on a process of self-discovery, allowing you to realign with your goals and passions with unwavering focus and determination.

One of the key pillars of my consulting approach is effective time management. I understand that time is our most precious resource, and learning how to harness it effectively is essential for success. Through customized strategies and techniques tailored to your unique needs, I will empower you to take control of your schedule, prioritize tasks, and make the most out of every minute.

With my guidance, I will also develop a comprehensive action plan, breaking down your long-term goals into manageable steps so you will see progress. Together, we will navigate through the intricacies of your life and work, identifying potential obstacles and developing strategies to overcome them.

Creating your ideal schedule is another area where my expertise shines. I will work closely with you to design a schedule that aligns with your goals, values, and personal preferences. We will establish healthy boundaries, ensuring that you have dedicated time for self-care, relationships, and leisure activities that fuel your happiness and productivity.

Organization is a vital component of a productive and stress-free life. I will introduce you to simple yet powerful organizational techniques that will streamline your workflow, declutter your physical and digital spaces, and enhance your overall productivity. You will experience a newfound sense of control and clarity as you effortlessly navigate through your tasks and responsibilities.

Work Together

Everyone is on different paths. That’s why I don’t judge and will never put you in a box. All my coaching/consulting services are customizable to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Prices vary, based on your customized needs and time working together.

1:1 Productivity Coaching/Consulting

Using my Purposeful Planning Method, I guide clients through this process and personalize your sessions.

Let me support you and/or your team create YOUR version of work-life balance to prevent overwhelm and get more done.

Weekly Coaching/Consulting Sessions via Zoom or in person, with a done-with-you aspect, that includes the following:

  • Priority Management: Streamline your daily tasks from unnecessary distractions, allowing you to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Distraction Management: Provide strategies for minimizing distractions and maintaining concentration.
  • Goal Setting Strategy & Accountability: To stay focused and on track
  • Weekly Overview: summarizing upcoming tasks and the status of ongoing projects.
  • Time Blocking Strategies:  Help implement time-blocking techniques to allocate specific periods for focused work on different projects, with flexibility.
  • Calendar Management: Provide light support with calendar management, ensuring you are well-prepared for meetings
  • Scheduling: Plan out your content, campaign, or launch with you.
  • Monthly and Quarterly intentional planning
  • Putting Boundaries in Place
  • M-F Support via Slack to get feedback and stay accountable between calls.

Starting at $1900 for 3 months

1:1 Progress Partners

Are you an action taker looking for a flexible Coaching option where you have access to me, your Productivity Coach/Consultant/Strategist 5x/week as needed?

This is a Do It Yourself + 1:1 Transformative Coaching in one option.

We will use voice and text via the Slack app to reach out when you need it for:

Personalized consulting: Tailored guidance and strategies based on your specific goals and challenges.

Accountability check-ins: Regular communication to track progress, set milestones, and provide feedback.

Slack voice and text messaging: Convenient access to our consultants via Slack, allowing for real-time communication and support.

Task implementation support: Practical advice and techniques to help you overcome obstacles and implement tasks effectively.

Productivity enhancement: Strategies to improve time management, prioritize tasks, and boost overall efficiency.

Flexibility and convenience: Access our consulting services whenever and wherever you need, fitting seamlessly into your schedule.

BONUS: Access to my Purposeful Planning Curriculum for extra resources and structure, for as long as you have this service

Which means…

  • Clarity on what you want and why
  • Going at your own pace
  • Accountability
  • Asking questions and get feedback as needed
  • The personalization and transformation of typical 1x/weekly coaching, but it’s broken up a lot more
  • Preventing Zoom and in-person fatigue
  • Less debriefing so we both know what’s going on through out the week
  • Build momentum!
Starting at $997 for 3 months

College Time Management Coaching

Whether they are about to graduate High School, or leaving for College, you want what's best for your child. Help them get ahead in life, school, and career with one of the most important soft skills - productivity and time management. I'll, help them find balance between school, homework, and a social life.

Starting at $1500 per semester

My coaching/consulting services are available both on a one-to-one basis and in small group settings. I recognize that each individual has unique needs, and I am committed to providing you with a personalized consulting experience that caters to your specific goals and challenges. Whether you prefer individual attention or thrive in a collaborative environment, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Additionally, if you are a college student preparing for the exciting journey ahead, I specialize in time management consulting specifically tailored to your child’s needs. I will equip them with the essential soft skills and strategies to thrive academically while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Starting college with a solid foundation of time management skills will set them up for success and pave the way for a fulfilling academic journey. 

Let’s work together to create a life that is balanced, fulfilling, and aligned with your true purpose. Contact me today and let the transformation begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

A productivity coach is a professional who can help you optimize your time and achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life. I’ll work with you to identify your priorities, assess your current habits and routines, and develop customized strategies to help you improve work-life balance.

Productivity coaches can be hired by individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners of all sizes that want to improve their productivity and achieve their goals. Individuals may hire a productivity coach to help them manage their time more effectively, establish better habits and routines.

I help High School & College students as well.

This depends on how much time you have available (which I’ll help you find), how committed you are, what you want to achieve, your current life situation, and other variables. Some clients only need the tools and clarity, others needs monthly, longer-term coaching. Can also be as needed.

I wasn’t naturally organized or productive, like you. I learned over the past eight years – between trial and error, helping my business friends, going back to college after twelve years, and from owning/operating two coffee drive-thrus.

I’ll be your cheerleader and celebrate with you, but I’m also blunt and will call you out as needed.

We’ll meet one time for the 1:1 Intensive or VIP Day. During a 3-month program, we’ll meet 1x/week.

I have flexible office hours between 8:00am – 5:00pm EST. Anything outside of that, we’ll figure out a time that works best for you.

Get some good sleep the night before. Come in excited, motivated, and open minded. Have your current project, questions, and ideas ready to discuss. Have your calendar and/or planner ready. Be ready to take some notes. Have something to drink available.

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